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Ryzen 5 2600X, 2 cores overloading. Why? And Ryzen master not launching.too..

So here's the full build. (All new)
Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600x

Mobo: x370 Gaming plus

Ram: 2x8gb Balistix sports 3000mhz

Gpu: Gigabytes 1070TI

Psu: Corsair Rmx 750

Drivers: Everything seems up to date using all i have to verify it; Msi Command center, gigabyte app.. I mean everything i can chek my drivers with seems up to date. I would love to be able to launch Ryzen master ...
Windows: Windows 10 home x64 with the latest update

My issue is that sometimes about once or twice a night my computer becomes REALLY laggy for about 6-10 seconds. I was wondering if i could find where it comes from and it feels like its coming from the cpu.

When ever this happens my first 2 cores of the cpu are going up to 100% usage and all the other stay stable (What ever % they were before the event). This pretty much only happens under load, i dont reckong having this happening when im just chilling. Every other stats i can see seems to be just fine. Even the temperature dosent go higher.

Anyone as ever had this happening to them or do you have any idea how i could fix it ?

Also my second issue is with the ryzen master app. I cannot get it to start/launch. When i click on it there a white box and then it goes away and nothing happens...

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Big Boss

thesadunicorn, could just be a case of one application with two heavy threads.  I, too, would really like to see a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM).  AMD has really made a mess of RM lately.  I have written them but no help yet.  This is a heavy vacation time of year.  It is reported in this forum that changing your W10 language to English, at lease temporarily, will allow RM to work.  Then you could get some screenshots.  Try a search for instructions.  Enjoy, John.


When I get home i will try and set windows 10 to English. The fact that Rm dosent work properly does not really bother me my issue is with my brand new CPU having performance issue.

Thank you for you answer.


thesadunicorn, I have not seen a processor performance issue, yet.  Enjoy, John.


Setting windows to english worked out. I can finally see in RM The only thing i see that is weird is the "Edc" That goes from 90% to 98%
The first screen shot was taken while idling, Firefox with 3 tabs open and maybe Wallpaper engine at Ultra Graphic and 60Fps but i assume this is hardware acceleration.

The second screenshot was taken 2 days ago while playing a game wich means underload. This happend playing multiples games, to many games to name them. You can see on the second screenshot the 2 cores getting overloaded during a few second but the other ones are just fine.

Capture 2.JPGCapture.JPG


Thanks, thesadunicorn.  I'm looking and will talk more later.  Does not really look bad to me, though.  Did you notice your GPU is pegged also?  Enjoy, John.


The second screenshot i was playing Mass Effect Andromeda on Ultra wich is why my gpu was so high you can notice it going down when the Cpu went crazy and then going back up when the cpu came back to normal. It honnestly looks good to me but maybe i am wrong. I would need to try and see what happens with my Gpu when im playing a less demanding game like Rocket league but i really dont feel like its coming from the Gpu. After several benchmarks i havent had a single issue with the gpu.


thesadunicorn, I see no real problem.  You could relieve the 90% to 98% EDC by raising the limit to 168Amps, probably.  You might like the looks of that but you would be OCing.  All looks good to me.  Please let me know if you disagree.  Enjoy, John.


I dont really see any issues with the Edc and i dont mind it as long as it would be running fine but right now i dont really want to OC my cpu when its not running fine.