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Ryzen 5 2600 blue screen

Recently I upgraded my ram from 16gb to 32gb. 

After installing the additional ram, upon booting up my pc goes blue screen with (ERROR MSG: Faceit).

Removed the 2 new rams (8gb x 2) and everything is back to normal. 

The rams that I recently bought are the exact same model as the ones that I was previously using. 

Previous setting was 16GB at 3200mhz. 

Brought the pc and the new ram to a pc store to have it checked out, the ram and ram slots are not faulty, but upon checking, the technician mentioned the blue screen is due to my Ryzen 5 2600 unable to handle 32GB ram at 3200mhz, it is only able to run at 2666mhz. 

Is anyone facing the same issue? Is there a solution to this? Is this even true that the ram is unable to run at 3200mhz? Your feedback and input are deeply appreciated. Thank you. 


CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
Mobo: AsRock B450 ProM4
Ram: 32GB (8gb x 4) Klevv Cras RGB 
PSU: Cooler Master SFX GOLD 650w



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The integrated memory controller in the 2000 series Ryzen is not as robust as 3000 series nor the even better 5000 series Ryzen's 

I ran a 2200g in my daughters setup ... ASRock B350 Fatal1ty Gaming ITX/ac, 2 x 16GB 3000 rated RAM

I could only run the memory stably at 2866 .. I upgraded her to a 2700x .. same thing .. upgraded her to a 3600xt and that same RAM could now run at 3200 speeds .. above it's rated 3000 XMP speed.

I ran a 2200g in my wife's setup .. I could not run 4 matching sticks of 3200 rated RAM at any speeds stably .. it would only be stable with just the 2 x 8GB sticks .. I upgraded her to a 3400g and now I could run all 4 sticks at 3200

I currently run 2 x 16gb 3200 rated sticks at 3800 paired with my 5900x .. I ran 2 x 16gb 2666 rated sticks at 3200 on my wife's current setup with her 5600x (she now runs 2 x 8gb 3600 rated sticks)

the 2600 can run 4 sticks .. but it's pretty picky .. Updating your BIOS to latest MIGHT help .. trying out different RAM MIGHT help to get you running 4 sticks at 3200 .. Ultimately, upgrading to a Ryzen 5 3600 ... or better yet .. 5600x .. will net you 4 sticks working at their rated speed or faster.

ThreeDee PC specs

Thanks for such an in depth feedback. Appreciate it. Yeah am looking to upgrade my MOBO and CPU as well, but at a later date as I recently just splurged on getting the RX6600XT. Need to allow my pocket to heal for a bit before the next upgrade. HAHA


You're good on the motherboard .. Update your BIOS to latest and then just grab a 5600x when you can

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