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Adept I

Ryzen 5 2400g throttles to about 20% GPU / 80% CPU of max performance. Needs restart to be fixed.


I have a problem with throttling of the APU. For the last 1-2 days, it started to throttle to 20% of the GPU and about 75% of the CPU max performance after a brief gaming or other heavy loads.

The problem can be fixed by restarting the system, but it comes up after another brief gaming (5 min) or heavy load.

I found a similar problem described in the following Tom's Hardware review - AMD Raven Ridge Thermal/Power Analysis: Ryzen CPUs With Vega

Examples of the performance hit:

1.World of Warships with High settings - normally 50-70 FPS, when bugged -> 10-15 FPS

2. Heaven Benchmark Extreme - normally  10-15 FPS, when bugged -> 2-3 FPS

3. GTA 5 with High settings - normally 40-50 FPS, when bugged -> 10 FPS

4. Geekbench 4 CPU test: normally ~4250/12500 score, when bugged ~3000/10000

My system is the following:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2400g with the stock fan and no overclocking

Motherboard: ASUS TUF B350M-Plus Gaming with latest 3805 BIOS

RAM: 2x4GB Kingston Hyper 3000Mhz

SSD: Crucial MX500 500GB

P.S. - Previously, also had frame drops for 2-3 secs periodically. Now it just unplayable.

SOLUTION: WINDOWS reinstall resolved the throttling.

Occasional frame drops fixed by disabling CPU Turbo boost.

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Adept I

I see you´ve got a b350 board so go to bios and set the gpu frequency from auto to 1240mhz(this is your boosted speed for your gpu). It will hold 1240mhz and it shouldnt underclock during gameplaying. The underclocking causes the frame drops. Please try this and report if it was working for you.



Thank you for the quick response.

Unfortunately, the only option related to the iGPU frequency in the BIOS is grayed out (see attached pic). 

What I can set is Turbo mode or Extreme mode. Manually setting the frequency is disabled.

Could this be a hardware issue or it seems like a BIOS/drivers related one?


I think that normally it shouldnt do this throttling. Its almost the same

with my ryzen 3 2200g but maybe i am a little bit better with this bug or

whatever it is because it throttles a few times during gameplay so i have

little frame drops for 1-2 seconds then it goes well again. Yeah but in

your case its a bit different with ryzen 5, you need to restart the system

to get rid of the throttling. In my opinion its the bios problem for sure.

Do you know the ryzen master program? This could be the solution for you if

you cant set gfx clock speed manually. You should also check the

temperature of cpu with cpuid hwmonitor when it starts to throttle. No one

writes about it on net but as I tested my ryzen and throttling i realized

this could be due to jumping to higher temperature but i am asking myself

what the hell, is the 60c that much to cut down the frequency ?

Dňa 1. 4. 2018 11:11 AM používateľ "huskarl2006" <>


Community <>

Re: Ryzen 5 2400g throttles to about 20% GPU / 80% CPU of max performance.

Needs restart to be fixed. in Processors

Journeyman III

Similar problem you guys find any fix?


Reinstalling Windows resolved the throttling for me. Full reinstall.

As for the the occasional frame drop for 1-2 sec are fixed by disabling the CPU Turbo boost.

Journeyman III

Well I tested with a fan in a open case...vrm temps where near 120 no it is at 60 and no thermals problems...I use a tower hot sink hyper t4 that don,t blow air In the vrm...I ordered new cases fun and will test it

Journeyman III

I have the same issue with my 2700u equipped Dell Inspiron 7375.  After 2.5 minutes, the gpu throttles and stays throttled unless I restart the application.  Tried both d3d and openGL.  I at first thought it was gpu heat related as it was hitting 84-85C, but after replacing the factory TIM with thermal grizzly, limiting frame rates in game to reduce gpu load, and adding a usb powered fan, I can keep the gpu temp below 70C and it still throttles.  The gpu in my main PC gets hotter than that.  Once throttled the temps drop into the 50's, but it stays throttled at 300-400mhz and never recovers.  The internal fan on this thing doesn't even come on high until it hits 75C, so obviously 69C shouldn't be causing it to throttle.  The cpu never throttles, still boosts to over 3ghz even when temps got into the 80's, just the gpu.  It's either a power delivery issue or a driver/bios bug.  I'd really like to find out as if it's a power delivery issue I need to return the laptop, though I highly doubt that's the issue as it should affect the cpu as well.  What I don't get is that I can run Furmark and without the usb fan it will hit 85C while the frequency drops a little to keep it from exceeding that, and stays there for exactly 2.5 minutes before it decides the fun's over and then cuts the frequency all the way under 400mhz.  I can then load a d3d game, limit the framerate to reduce gpu load, and the temp hits the upper 60s, almost 20c lower, and it still throttles at 2.5 minutes and stays throttled.  There's something really wrong with this thing, no way that should happen.  I can see it temporarily throttling a few hundred mhz to cool down a few C (like it does in furmark to maintain 85C before the 2.5 minute cutoff), but it cuts the gpu speed in 1/3, from peak of 950mhz all the way down to 300mhz and even after temps drop almost 20C, it still stays throttled, taunting me.

It's a great laptop but hobbled by this bug as I lose 30-40% performance when it throttles.  Why did I pay $200 extra for a 2700u over a 2200u if it ends up the same speed after 2.5 minutes?


Its a bios bug for sure. I had the same issue with amd a12-9800 when i

updated the bios with bios to support raven ridge my gpu clock throttled

down to 450mhz in games and it couldnt go higher than that so i was unable

to play any game. Then I decided to buy ryzen 2200g but the throttling

occurs again but only few times. Amd this week released new agesa code

which it looks like fixes this bug. Asus mobos got the new bios already.

Dňa 25. 4. 2018 6:42 AM používateľ "bobzdar" <>


Community <>

Re: Ryzen 5 2400g throttles to about 20% GPU / 80% CPU of max performance.

Needs restart to be fixed. in Processors