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Adept II

Re: Ryzen 5 2400g Pin CPU power connectors required on the motherboards.

Hello again.

I leave an update of my case.

As I was able to find out, I am not the only one confused by the strange pattern of the EPS connection of my PSU. It seems that in the market there are EPS connectors of type "4 + 4" with 6 pins of rounded shape and 2 of square shape, while the ATX type connectors of the motherboards have 4 with rounded shape and 4 with square shape.

I contacted the technical service of the three brands involved: AMD, Gigabyte and Corsair. These are the partial results:

- AMD responded quickly by email, and as they told me, the processor can work properly with only 4 power pins.

- Gigabyte also responded quickly, but they asked me for pictures of my components because they believe that it is a manufacturing defect or a mounting error. I'm afraid they understood that I'm asking about the pattern of connector shapes.

- Corsair still did not respond, but I joined the forums of the user community. Several of them told me simply that if the connector fits, I should connect it.

As far as I can understand, the "yellow" pins deliver 12v and the "blacks" are ground. The problem is that I can not see the color of the cables in my PSU.

I will investigate a little more.



Re: Ryzen 5 2400g Pin CPU power connectors required on the motherboards.

Thanks for the update. If AMD Support says the processor will work fine with 4 pin CPU power than it is no problem. You did tell AMD Support your motherboard has a 8 Pin CPU connector and not a separate 4 pin connector, correct?

I would send Gigabyte Support photos of the Corsair PSU CPU Power cable connector and the Gigabyte's 8 pin CPU Power connector on the Motherboard. Let see what they say. They may need to change their Manual concerning the 8 pin CPU Power connector on the motherboard if it is wrong.

As for the Corsair's Forum, some connectors might fit if its forced on the connector. Doesn't mean electrically it is compatible. 

I would send to Corsair Support photos of the PSU CPU Connector and Gigabyte's Motherboard connector also and see what they say. Maybe they will agree with the other Users at Corsair Forum.

Meanwhile use the 4 pin connector. But if you can get an adapter for all 8 pins it probably will be better. There must be a reason why Gigabyte installed a 8 pin CPU Power connector rather than just a separate 4 pin CPU Power connector.

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