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Adept I

Ryzen 5 2400G froze when watching YouTube with loud buzzing noise

This does not happen very often but still annoying. Needed to reset PC to recover. Using the on board video,  the reason I purchased CPU. I checked to see if my drivers and Radeon software were up to date and they were. This problem use to occurred much more frequently and glad to see it diminished but not completely.

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Try disabling "Hardware Acceleration" in your browser and see if it has any effect. Seems like this causes Users many problems while watching videos with their browsers.

Here is the latest AMD Driver for your Ryzen 2400G : AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400G Drivers & Support | AMD

You may also want to update your Desktop or Laptop BIOS and CHIP-SET which makes it more compatible with your computer's hardware and software.


Thanks for the suggestion. I turned off the hardware accelerator in chrome, per your suggestion. I'll keep my finger crossed. Regarding the Bios, it was updated to the latest.

Thanks again.


Seems like a lot of Users are having similar issues of Ryzen 2xxx CPU/APUs crashing or freezing. If it continues, try installing a older version of AMD Driver and see if the problem is better or the same or worse.

You can use Search at AMD Forum to find out what threads may be applicable to your situation and see what type of fixes were done to try and fix the problems.