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Journeyman III

RYZEN 5 1600x dead on arrival

Hello, i bought a 1600x a while back (end of 2017) and took some time to put the parts in my PC (new motherboard + CPU) for personal reasons

Now here's the thing : the CPU was not working when i finally put it to the test, and the new one is still not working now that i received it from the customer service

I asked two different IT services to run a diagnostic on my PC, and they both answered that the CPU was not working

What should i do now ?

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Re: RYZEN 5 1600x dead on arrival

Does your Motherboard have the correct BIOS installed to support the Ryzen 5 1600x?

What is the Make & Model of your Motherboard? including the BIOS installed.

Is your RAM Memory listed on the Motherboard's QVL List for the Ryzen 1xxx series CPUs?

When you power on the computer with the faulty Ryzen, what is working (Fans, CPU Cooler, LEDs, troubleshooting LED, etc) and what is not?

What BIOS or motherboard error messages are your getting when booting up if any?

In case you want to RMA the CPU to AMD here is the proper online form to fill out to RMA your CPU to AMD: AMD Warranty Request Form​.

You may also want to open a AMD EMAIL TICKET to see if they believe the CPU is DOA here : Email Form

Big Boss

Re: RYZEN 5 1600x dead on arrival

check that no CPU pins are bent or damaged


Re: RYZEN 5 1600x dead on arrival

Who did you buy it from? If the cpu is *really* DOA they should replace it for you, ASAP.

Journeyman III

Re: RYZEN 5 1600x dead on arrival

I cannot answer for the BIOS related question (i just don't know, the IT service that examined my PC tried to do a reset, don't know if answers anything)

The motherboard is a b350 tomahawk from MSI

My RAM is not listed (crucial, DDR4 - 2133)

When i do power up the computer, fans turn on, front panel LEDs do not and troubleshooting LED tagged "CPU' lights up

I am not getting any screen output (black screen at all times)

As for the bent or damaged pins i checked
The original seller is AMAZON, but since i took time to build (and realize something was wrong) i cannot just send it back

I am trying to figure out what is wrong here (even if it's me) but i feel slightly in over my head as i cannot find the problem (beside CPU seemingly dead)