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Ryzen 5 1600 and MSI A320M freezing randomly at low temps

Hey, sorry if this is a re-post but I didn't initially see anything where the temps where as low as mine when freezing. I'm on liquid cooling and just built the machine 2 weeks ago. On HWMonitor i dont have a single component running over 50*C (cpu idles 29*) and running Prime95 for 5 hours straight nothing goes over 60 yet randomly on the desktop or in chrome it just freezes and I have to hard reset.

Sorry again if this is a re-post but considering my temps I thought this a rather unique situation(might not have searched as long as I should).

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Such problems are usually caused by hardware. If you share RAM, GPU and PSU information. maybe someone using similar hardware can tell you the problem.


Thanks for the reply my sys info is as follows

Ryzen 5 1600

A320M-PRO-M2 V2 (on beta bios)

8GB HyperX 2666

4GB HyperX 2666

Zotac Mini 1060 3gb

240 G Transend S820S

1TD barracuda

Raidmax RX450k(I know I know, it will be replaced soon) 

Antec Mercury 240

The GPU and PSU are the only components that I didnt buy recently and are probably out of warranty.

Obviously no OC yet till I can get a new MB.


Try only single 8GB RAM so remove 4GB RAM. Using two different RAM may make system crash.


Problem is the freezing is completely random and very rare... Its only happened twice in over 2 weeks. I posted directly after the second time. Even if I run it for a month without issue on 8gb it would not mean we've found the problem. I can still try though...


If there was a problem with the motherboard or other component, you would encounter errors very often. The power supply is a bit weak. If there was a problem with the power supply, it would probably be understood when you run a game. However, it may be correct to purchase a new PSU (600W or higher) for stabilization. In short, same 8GB RAM (8GB HyperX 2666 but product code must be the same) and new PSU (600W or higher) may be purchased. Your CPU and GPU are fine. It's worth for adding new hardware, I think. Additionally, you do not need a new BIOS update. BIOS updates are for new CPUs. If you can undo BIOS update, do so. Good luck...


Thanks for the advice ill have a look at what it does without different pieces of ram and with a new psu and post if anything developed.

good day, have u found a fix for random freezing? also have the same spec system.

ryzen 5 1600, msi a320m, msi 1060 3GB. vengeance 2400 8GB + 4GB adata sp550 ssd.

also tried single ram, bios update and downgrade. bios reset. fresh copy of win 10 3 times.

i'm pulling my hair out. about to give up on ryzen.