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Adept II

Ryzen 5 1500X and B350M, CPU debugger LED, No Boot!

I've been using my 1500X along with a B350M Gaming Pro from MSI since October 2017, just a week ago all of a sudden, the CPU EZ Debugger LED lights up, and the CPU won't boot or do anything... I have tried everything I could do, nothing worked. Further more, I have found dozens of people over the forums reporting my very exact problem, but no one has provided answers or solutions.. I'm literally so furious right now. I can't even return the CPU, because the return window on it has been closed from Amazon, cause it's been over a month.. And I don't even know if AMD has a warranty on their chips anyway.. WHAT IS GOING ON!!????

Here's a playlist I made on the topic on YouTube: Part #1: Investigation. - YouTube