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Journeyman III

Ryzen 4600H locked at 0.39 GHz


My 5 months old Lenovo Legion 5  Ryzen 4600H laptop CPU is locked at 0.39 GHz both in plugged-in state or battery mode. The laptop has become unusable. Few of the fixes that I have tried are listed below - 1) BIOS update from ver. EUCN28WW to EUCN31WW 2) Power plan change from balanced to High Performance 3) Min/Max processor Power management 4) Thermal throttling check, the CPU temperature is mostly around 41/42 degree Celsius. Nothing worked. I'm also attaching some screenshots so that you can judge better! Dear, Ryzen experts and enthusiasts, help me please! This is a very expensive laptop for me and I'm feeling helpless! CPU_CLOCK.PNGCPU_temp.PNGTask_Manager.PNG

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