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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3800X getting too hot

As you can see from the attached image below, my 3800X runs extremely hot and as a result won't boost beyond 4.1 GHz under heavy load (Prime95, smallest FFTs, 16 Workers). Under light load it behaves as expected, with small boost intervals up to 4.6 GHz at moderate temperatures. Idle temperatures are very high as well (around 60°C) with PBO enabled.

PPT and TDC are at default settings and max out. No other hardware testing/ benchmarking software was running during the test. No manual OC, latest BIOS (3.4).

I know that I can "fix" the high idle temperatures by changing the power plan and turning off PBO, however, temps under load should not be anywhere as high.


CPU     :  Ryzen 7 3800X

Cooling : Noctua U14S, spinning at the expected 1500rpm (intake) and 1300rpm (exhaust), cooling block sits tight

               on the cpu. Top and back casefans work. Intake (front) works.

MB        : Asrock b450 pro4

PSU      : Thermaltake Berlin 630W

Graphics Card: GTX 1060

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Journeyman III

My 3800x easily blows past 70C on Water, tested with Corsair H105 (240mm), and an EVGA CLC 280mm (280mm).  This happens before Cinebench R20 finishes a run.

I have even tried running an un-dervolt (1.28), still runs much hotter than my all core overclocked 1700 at 3.7 did.

Tried an Air cooler, and the heat pipes barley get warm.  This makes me think the heat is not being transferred to the Lid of the package (heat-spreader).

Seems like there is an issue with the Thermal bond between the Chiplett and the Lid of the Package. 

Journeyman III

Hello, same problem here. My CPU is close to 65 ° C in slow motion. I changed the thermal paste. I have reset my bios. (My Vcore is very high)

Adept I

My 3700x complete default will idle @ 1.4-1.5v at stupid temperatures (45-55c). This is with a Kraken X62 with fans and pump at 100%.  A pass of r15 will put me at 85c...Wow AMD

Adept I

The issue for high voltages during idle or load is the core performance boost and precision boost overdrive. I disabled that and manually set using Ryzen master. 

I burned in 4300 mhz all core a 1.25 vcore, doesn't even touch 70c doing a 10 minute pass on cinebench. Idle at 34C, 0.4 Vcore.

CPB and PBO is just super aggressive with the voltages and boosting clocks for no reason. Ryzen CPU is really good but out of the box settings are trash. 

Gigabyte Auros Elite 

CM V8 GTS air cooler

Journeyman III

I have the same issue! On a custom water cooling loop, with 2 different waterblocks, 2 pumps, 5 thermal paste applications with 2 different thermal pastes, and now after my RMA completed and I received a new 3800x, I STILL HAVE PROBLEMS.  In fact, the chip I received from RMA is WORSE!

My idle temps are sporadic and fluctuate between high 40s to low 60s, and when hit with a load, it blows straight past 80c, even up to 93-95, at which point it starts throttling back, let alone boosting as advertised. It shows every indication of a bad thermal paste application, except not a single one has been bad. Genuinely must be an issue with the thermal interface between the chips and the IHS. My 1700x before this was fantastic but this is abysmal.

Motherboard: Asus x570 e gaming, Issue persisted on both the out of box BIOS and latest update BIOS. Chipset driver is installed so I have the Ryzen optimized balanced power plan active.
CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x (two samples tested, both problematic)
Custom water cooling loop with two separate water blocks tested.

Thermal paste: Arctic Silver 5 and IC Diamond tested, both problematic

Journeyman III

It's pretty normal for pbo enabled to make the cpu go from 30-60 randomly. It's mainly due to the voltage variation from idle to load to idle to load. They'll run about 70-80 even on water on cinebench. I just set a static clock personally on mine and it's usually in the 30s with a slight fluctuation to 40 something. Honestly if you want to shave a few degrees off. Turn off pbo just let amds precision boost take over.. it's top end is 3-5 degrees less and the clocks usually are the same with or without pbo.