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Ryzen 3700x + x570 motherboard+5700 or 5700xt set on PCIe 4=Issues

Any Updates or Info?

I am using a Ryzen 3700x on a MSI Prestige x570 with 5700xt on PCIe gen4 setting. My Sound Blaster Ae5 stutters or drops out, switched out Ae5 to my USB external Sound BlasterX G6 it stutters and drops out too I have to reset the USB cable to bring it back. I can fix the issue if I go into bios and change my second PCIe to gen3 (where my video card is inserted)...  So with the 3 combo, Ryzen 3rd Gen cpu,  x570 motherboard and 5700xt set on PCIe gen4 I have issues, set to PCIe gen 3 no issues with my sound cards. This is using Windows 10 Pro 1903..... Already sent a support ticket describing my issue no reply yet. Seems like PCIe gen 4 have some issues still on x570 chipset....

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