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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3700x It stopped working after a few days

hello everyone , I bought a ryzen 3700x which, after a few days of working everything normal, now does not turn on my pc and I get a black screen. I have no image, and probe psu, rams, motherboard. Mount the processor on another system that is running and the processor does nothing.

System :

Motherboard :Gigabyte Aorus Prowifi rev 1.0 bios F42c

Memory : Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C16D-16GTZR Gskill Trident Z

CPU : Ryzen 3700X 

Thanks in advance for your help and comments
2 Replies

If you installed the new Processor on another compatible Motherboard and the same thing happened, it is a very good indication your CPU is defective.

Open a AMD WARRANTY REQUEST from here:

See if AMD believes the CPU needs to be RMAed. Most likely AMD is going to say to have it RMAed from the Retailer first if they have a Warranty in affect. If the Retailer doesn't have a Warranty on it then you can probably RMA it to AMD directly.

Your Processor if you purchased it separately (PIB - Processor in Box) from a retailer has a three year warranty on it.

Here is AMD PIB Warranty: 

Finally I managed to create the case with amd directly, since newegg informed me that he has no direct guarantee with them for having passed the 30 days from the purchase of the product. We'll see what amd responds  Thanks for answering by the way I will be reporting what happens Regards