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Adept I

Ryzen 3700x Gaming Temps

Hi, I recently build a ryzen 3700x system and wanted to know if the temps I am getting are good or a little on the high side.

While idle the CPU runs from 36-40 degrees, while browsing and casual use the cpu runs anywhere from 40-45 degrees, and when playing games the cpu hits temperatures of anywhere in the range of 55 degrees up to 65 degrees.

Are these temperatures normal? I am using the stock cooler with 2 intake and 2 exhaust fans (both corsair ml120)

Other specs:

MSI RTX 2070

ASUS B450 F Gaming

16gb Vengeance DDR4

Ryzen 3700x

NZXT h510

Corsair 650 Watt PSU

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Adept I

Just to add, the ambient temp in the room is around 22-24 degrees celcius


Your temperatures are great.

CBO boosts the CPU cores while trying to stay within a 75C limit.

Anything under that temperature is really good.


Awesome! Thanks for the reply. At what point are temperature going to damage or impact the longevity of the cpu?


Short answer I don't know.

Long answer. All assumptions.

75C is the target temperature when boosting so that must be safe, I always try and keep my CPU's at or below the target temperature.

Up to 95C is probably safe since AMD sets that as the point when the CPU thermally throttles. If there was significant performance lose within AMD's 3 year warranty then it would cost them a lot of money in returned chips.

Above 95C up to thermal shutdown temperature, might be safe but your performance would be so bad from thermal throttling that you would never want to run it that hot.

Personally I would think there was more risk from too high voltages than any temperature.


Yep perfect! No worries!

Adept II

Brilliant enough to consider a mild overclock even.


Overclocking a Ryzen 3xxx cpu has been proven by most reputable tech sites to not be worth doing. The cpu does a great job of managing its own boost. 

About the best you can do is enable PBO and XMP and let Ryzen manage itself. 

Ryzen 3xxx is very different than earlier Ryzen or any other architecture ever made. It is incredibly good at managing itself for peak performance. Making it perform with an all core clock will actually make it slower as it won't be able to boost as high as it did. There are some things this could be beneficial for but very few and gaming is not one of them.