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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3700x Default CPU Speed?

I have the Asus Rog Strix x570e motherboard with the 3700x (stock Wraith Prism cooler), 16GB Corsiar Vengence RGB Pro DDR4-3000, an Intel and HP M.2 SSD, and a Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC graphics card.  All running by a Corsair RM750i PSU.  Running Windows 10 Pro.  

When I start up the computer and it's at idle on the desktop, running either the Ryzen Master program, CAM software, or CPU ID - it shows my clock speeds are at 4200-4400.  I haven't boosted anything in the BIOS or Ryzen Master, everything is default setting.  The Windows Power Plan is set to AMD Balanced.  I've downloaded all the latest BIOS, Chipset, etc. drivers.  Basically everything is current, vanilla stock, no mods.  

Why is the CPU running at what seems to be the boost speed, even at idle (CPU indicator shows < 10% load).  If I change the Power Plan setting to 99% for the Maximum Processor State, immediately the CPU speed drops back down to ~3600 mhz and the temps drop to the mid 40s Celsius (from the low 50s).  

What's going on here?

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Adept I

I have this problem EXACTLY only on a 3600 rather than a 3700x. I've been talking with AMD support online for days and have found no solution, and due to the fact that I'm running the stock cooler but my CPU won't stop boosting to 4.2Ghz (and then throttling back to 3.9Ghz after heating up to the max temp of 95C), I've been unable to use my new PC for work (I'm a content creator) for the 2 weeks since I built it. That is, I've been unable to use it until now, because you are my hero for suggesting going into the power settings and changing the CPU usage to 99%! I know that's a silly workaround, but in my case, it allows me to actually use my computer, with only a 1% loss in performance, and without it overheating to a temp I think is dangerous to keep working at. By changing this setting, my temps in Cinebench dropped to 63C from 95C while my score only dropped a little over a hundred points, which I will definitely take over an overheating, unsafe PC. 

Meanwhile, AMD, what's up with this? 


It's important to have the latest BIOS update for your motherboard and also the AMD chipset drivers if you haven't done so already - these newest chipset drivers were released on 1st August.

Personally I use a negative voltage offset of - .100 V which is set in the BIOS.

This is for my Ryzen 3700x and I also used the same for my 2700x.

It makes a big difference to temperatures and CPU speed under load and at idle.

It also enhances performance as you don't get thermal throttling which occurs at 85c.


Journeyman III

I have a 3700x on a MSi x570a-pro motherboard with 32gb of memory running at 3600mhz and the problem I'm getting is that my CPU only turbos 4.05 ghz with CPU ratio at auto. I would like to have help to only adjust my turbo clock to about 4.3ghz [all core] to maybe 4.4ghz on one core like advertised.