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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Ryzen 3700x cooler noise and maximum processor state solution

Dear all,

My Ryzen 3700x performs pretty fine on heavy tasks, but keeps on running at about 50+ Celsius even for everyday tasks (internet browsing, word etc..). I'm using the AMD Ryzen Master to get these values.

My main issue is that the stock cooler is quite noisy while trying cooling the CPU even for simple tasks.

I found out that by lowering the "maximum processor state" of my balanced power plan to 99% (instead of 100%) keeps the CPU  much cooler (around 30 Celsius on simple tasks) and keeps the cooler inaudible.

 I'm wondering if this change will have a damage effect on my CPU in long term though. If yes, it is inevitable to install a high end cooler or other possible solutions exist for lowering the noise?

Thank you for your support,

Best regards, 

Eleftherios A.

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Re: Ryzen 3700x cooler noise and maximum processor state solution

The Wraith Prism that comes bundled with the Ryzen 7 3700X has  a tine black switch on the outer case of the Prism.

One is for Performance which makes the CPU Cooler run faster and noisier. For slightly Overclocking or very heavy CPU loads.

The other is for Quiet which make the CPU Cooler run slower but quieter for normal computer use.

I have a 3700X with a CoolerMaster Hyper212 EVO with two fans and my processor constantly fluctuates between the mid 40C and 60C under normal use. Depending on my Room temperture.

This doesn't bother me because it is still way below the Maximum Operating Temperature of 95C.

I have everything in BIOS set to default except the RAM which I overclocked to the RAM's full speed.

In Windows Power Plan I have the Processor State set at Maximum 100% and Minimum 5%.  These setting will not damage your Processor. All it does is run the processor speed at whatever you set as the Maximum and Minimum State.

If you set the Processor at 99% that means when the Processor needs to run at its fastest it will only run at 99% of its rated speed automatically. In another words the processor is throttled.