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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3600 staying in boost mode?

Recently upgraded BIOS to F41a on my MB Aorus B450M. Besides high voltage values which is a problem that is known for new Ryzens, my CPU stays permanently in boost mode even though im at Desktop, not playing games etc. Before, it was not like that. I tried to turn it off in BIOS, it does work but then there is no boost in games. So I have 2 options - leave it boosting the whole time my PC in on (which idk if it won´t cause problems in terms of lifetime), or leave it turned off and not have boost performance in games. 

What I what to know, is it a BIOS thing? Should I wait for update from my MB distributor?

Reading all over reddit there is a lot of problems with voltage and high temps, but not this one.