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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3600 (rev. 2019) 4.2GHz @ 1.29V-1.34V is it possible?

I bought a Ryzen 3600 in 2019. I bought this processor because I knew it had game boost up to 4.2GHz. But I was shocked when I saw the voltage and temperatures at this acceleration (1.45V and 102C with a 125W tower cooler).

I started looking for information about this and found out that such a voltage is fatal for the Ryzen 3600. Everyone recommends a voltage below 1.3V. EVERYONE I have seen has a processor running at 4.2GHz at voltages below 1.3V or around 1.31V

But my Ryzen 3600 doesn't run at this low voltage. At 1.3V, my Ryzen 3600 starts up below 3.4GHz.
How do I get my Ryzen 3600 to run at 4.2GHz without harming it? The minimum voltage with which my Ryzen 3600 operates at 4.2GHz = 1.37V (which, according to 146% of experts, is fatal to the processor). I agree with them, since the temperature of 84C is dangerous given the fact that the ventilators (there are 3 of them on the case) operate at maximum speed. 

What should I do? Maybe for Ryzen 3600 (rev. 2019) high voltage is normal?

Can the BIOS on the motherboard be configured incorrectly?

My PC:

Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk Max B450 (MS-7C02) bios - 3.7.

RAM: 2x Ballistix Sport LT Gray (XMP 3000MHz) (8 Gb D-die (Z01B / 20 nm) / 1 die)


Current BIOS settings

CPU Frequency - Auto (3600MHz)

CPU Voltage - Auto (1.36V)  with a TPD load of more than 65W which does not correspond to the stated TPD from AMD

Global C-state Control - Disabled
AMD Cool-n-Quiet - Disabled
Precision Boost Overdrive - Disabled

Thank you so much in advance for your help!!!

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Anything under 1.3v is perfectly safe, no question there.

1.3-1.4v is safe assuming the temperatures are kept in check, and this is the range the Turbo will use.

1.4-1.5v is safe for short periods only, and this is the range PBO will sometimes use.

84*C is perfectly safe for Ryzen 3000 series processors, which have a thermal maximum of 95*C, and perfectly normal given the core density of Ryzen processors, and the CPU die placement under the IHS.

So 4.2ghz via Turbo at 1.37v at 82*C is normal, quite safe, and absolutely nothing to worry about.

I was worried that something was wrong with my Ryzen 3600. Thank you so much!

Adept II

Hi there,

I actually don't quite agree with black_zion completely. Yes, 84C is fine to run at but it shouldn't be touching nearly those temps unless there is a thermal issue. I've usually seen them run close to 75C under 100% load and not going beyond(thermal wise). Could you please upload some screenshots of your Ryzen Master settings with a stress test screenshot of the same?

84C is still fine but if we can your processor to run a little better with lower temps then why not?



With the stock cooler it's perfectly normal to run in the 80s under load.


Yep you're right it lines up. My bad sir! What cooler is he using?


He didn't specify, so I assume it's the stock box cooler.


is this a real?


With the stock cooler it's perfectly normal to run in the 80s under load.