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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3600 crashes at stock settings.

I have a Ryzen 3600 and it crashes at stock settings. It will have intermittent issues in Windows and will cause an error or blue screen during Prime95. I found the only way to make my computer 100% stable and pass stress tests is to manually set the speed and voltage. Doesn't this mean the CPU is faulty? I have to limit the speed to 3.9ghz in Ryzen master or bios, and increase the vcore to 1.325 volts... otherwise it will crash. 

It will even pass Cinebench at stock setting but will immediately fail prime 95 or Blue Screen during Prime 95. Is anybody elses CPU having issues at stock speeds? 

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Try contacting Official AMD Support via AMD SERVICE REQUEST and see if they suggests the same thing as AMD Warranty from here: . But I would believe AMD Warranty would know if your Processor was defective or not by your symptoms.

NOTE: This is a User to User Forum so you won't receive any official AMD Support from here except what other Users experiences or suggestion are.


Ok thank you for the response. I think I'll go ahead and contact support, thank you for the link.