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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3600 Causing Windows 10 Crash

Hi, I bought a Ryzen 5 3600 processor last Thursday 18th July 2019 and ordered a B450 MSI gaming Carbon Pro AC motherboard and i flashed the latest Bios with my old Ryzen 5 1600 processor and then installed the 3600 and the processor was recognised and all was working fine for a day, but from next day my system restarted continuously on every windows login screen and few time it will login and again it will crash, initially i thought it was an SSD and changed again the same Issue and then I thought it was a PSU issue so i used a old PSU of mine and same Issue then.

I finally came to conclusion that my MB had issue so i got a replacement on 22nd and again I flashed the new bios which supports Ryzen 3000 processor and again the same issue repeated, so now i decided to write to MSI technical support and got a reply they did not get any issue similar to me, and I told them in the same MB which got replaced my Ryzen 1600 works perfectly fine without any reboots so they advised me check the processor in any other MB, I had a Asus B350 gaming Strix motherboard and I flashed the bios on it and put in Ryzen 3600 and again the same issue continuous reboots on that MB as well, any help will be appreciated. 

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Adept II

If you chek the event viewer do you have the error WHEA-Logger with ID 17? Do you get any BSOD? Or just random restart?