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Adept I

Ryzen 3000 CPU: AMD has identified the issue impacting the ability to run Destiny 2 on Ryzen 3000 processors ?

Is this true ?

How much longer is it going to take as ASUS says they have no information on this ?

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This thread was opened General Discussion‌ by kingfish concerning the very question you are asking: Destiny 2 Doesn’t Currently Run on Ryzen 3000 CPUs, but a Fix Is Coming 

Adept II

Yep there is a lot of players waiting but I do believe its going to be awhile. I cant get to cranky at Asus this is a Bungie issue there the one with the real problem. I can see Asus's side of it too there could be other issues with a bios change and I am sure they want to proceed with caution for fear of crashing or bricking 10s of thousands of computers just to fix one stinking badly written game "Thanks Bungie" I hope I have to eat my words,I too just installed a 3600 but it wont surprise me if this take weeks even months to iron out.

Adept II

WOW this is the only question about the Destiny 2 not running on a Ryzen 3000 cpu on this forum and there are only 2 people talking about it man AMD see's the amount of responses and they will never fix this issue...This is so sad.Even on YouTube there is only 2 videos talking about this and they only have like 800 views I have not seen or herd a thing from Bungie or AMD on this in 2 weeks. This is not getting enough attention and its just going to linger on for ever.