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Journeyman III

ryzen 3 3300x only show 2 cores 4 threads (i changed in msconfig but not work)

unknown.pngunknown (1).png

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Big Boss

ricemann, please try setting number of processors to 8 (logical processors).  Also install the latest version of Ryzen Master and post a screenshot here.  Enjoy, John.

Volunteer Moderator

There seems to be several people getting less than a full core count being reported in apps like CPU-Z.  I wonder what the connection is, other than an AMD Ryzen CPU?  Perhaps chipset drivers, motherboard BIOS updates or what?

Everyone should see what the Windows Device Manager reports.  That was suggested in another discussion and it was correct.

Is anyone seeing reduced performance from their CPU?  So far, it appears just to be a reported core count but not the actual core count.

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