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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3 2200g iGPU Won't overclock [HELP NEWBIEE]


i bought my ryzen 3 2200g a few days ago.

i am running it with ASUS Prime B350M-K motherboard and 8 gb ADATA 2800mhz ram

when i try to overclock the IGPU to 1500Mhz through "Ryzen Master" software. it shows " profile apply successful" yet the gpu runs at 1100mhz No matter what i do.

Attaching a screenshot ( thats taken after 4 hours of GTA V so GPU stressed enough)

is it a fault in the processor? or motherboard? or am i doing something wrong?

Any Help would be Highly appreciated.

This is my first tie using AMD APUs , please help me out here

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         I be glad to try and help you with your problem. I don't have the privilege to have used an AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU but might be able to give some pointers for you.

I would like you ask you,

  • the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU gpu clock might not be active unless in true full screen.
  • use a monitor program to find the true clock of the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU while working true full screen (gpu-z, hwmonitor).

there my be an error with your software.

  • first got to Windows !0 and select control panel, programs and uninstall a program.
  • in the drop down list you will find the listing for AMD Ryzen master and any third party overclocking software.
  • right click or double click and uninstall.
  • follow though the instructions to remove the software completely.

that should remove any software issue caused by the AMD Ryzen master software and any third party overclocking software .

now you will need to enter bios to unleash the power of the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU,

  • Please read your manual for guidance on which key to press, normally a function key (f2, f10,ect)
  • boot in to Windows 10 and restart and hit the function key repeatedly and then repeat this step till you get in to bios.
  • in bios proceed set your clock and voltages for the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU as desired
  • then boot in to Windows 10 and see if the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU clock has reached the desired value you have set.

other issue might be,

Do you have a boost clock setting for the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU in Bios?

  • if you do, then turn this feature off as it could cause that behaviour as it overrides even inputted bios commands.
  • Check the bios for Boost setting for both GPU and then CPU component of the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU.
  • disable each in turn and test to see if the clock value has been applied.

I hope that fixes the issue caused by the use of the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU.

you also want to note that,

  • Most users find that installing a discrete graphic processor will remove most errors caused by the installing and use of the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU.
  • Most users find that discrete graphic processors have a much more stable intolerance to use.

it maybe also important to note that you might want to take a course in how the AMD Ryzen R3 2200g APU is built, works and operates completely.

  • this will improve your ability to be successfully working at fixing of the AMD products.
  • many people have taken this route with little improvement to the end user.

We hope we cant continue to use AMD products in the exciting future.

All my bios settings are Default except ( allocated 2gb of my DDR 4 ram towards the integrated gpu