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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3 2200G idling at max temperature?

Ryzen 3 2200 G

Kraken M22 liquid cooler on the processor

Nvidia GeForce 1060

AsRock X470 ITX board

16gb Gskill DDR4 Ram 

250G Samsung SSD


I searched thoroughly for similar threads and found no solutions

Previous threads asked to monitor temperature with Ryzen Master to verify accuracy, Ryzen Master will not install no matter what I do, seems like that's a known issue.

I've had this machine for over a year and a half with no performance problems. Two weeks ago it began to stall severely, to the point that it could not run a single game properly without complications. I couldn't even browse the web. While troubleshooting I realized that my processor is constantly sitting at just over 95 degrees no matter what I do, even if the computer is just sitting on with no applications running. I figured it's gotta be throttling since my CPU is constantly running around 1000hz below the default clock speed when no applications are open, and when I open even a single program it drops into the 500s. Does this sound like the processor is defective? Or like this could be a software issue?

As far as cooling goes I have an nzxt H510 case with an exhaust fan and two intake fans (one of which sits behind the kraken radiator) I feel like that should be sufficient cooling for a one graphic card setup, and like I said I've never had any performance or cooling trouble before this point.

Also for what it's worth my graphics card never hits above 25 degrees Celsius, my ram doesn't go above 75% load except maybe when I initially start a game, and my cpu and gpu tend to stay below about 30% load. I feel like if this was a hardware problem I would be seeing complications with other components too, or with starting the computer itself. I had already been planning to do a fresh install so I went ahead and did that, I confirmed that my ram was good by testing one stick at a time in each socket, and according to command prompt and power shell there are no hardware failures. 

Please help and thanks.

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