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Ryzen 3 2200G cooler power

My Ryzen 3 2200G is overheating and I wanted to install a aftermarket cooler. But I haven't found any information about the power of the cooler so I don't want to accedantally order a weaker one.

The overheating causes several problems. Mainly with my internet connection. I use a Wi-Fi USB adapter and it randomly dies when my CPU is overheating.

So I wanted to know what are the properties of the stock cooler? How much Watts does it need and how much TDP does it have?

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Here are AMD Recommendations for Ryzen ThreadRipper processors with TDP of 180 & 250 Watts: Thermal Solutions for Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processors | AMD 

But if you want a cheaper less powerful one, Try Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO or any other model of that type.  I believe they all have brackets that fits AM4 Processors.

Your Ryzen 2200g is fairly low TDP Wattage of 65 Watts. So a CPU Cooler of around 95 or 125 watts should be more than sufficient to keep your processor cool.

The maximum Operating Temperature for your processor is 95C. Your processor comes bundled with the Wraith Spire CPU Cooler which should be sufficient in maintaining your processor below 95C. 

If it is overheating, it probably indicates your have a problem with the CPU Cooler. It might not be properly installed where it is making good contact with the processor.

Make sure it is tight on the processor with hardly any wiggling. You can open one side of the Computer case and while the computer is running press down carefully on the CPU Cooler and see if the processor goes down. If it goes down when pressed that mean it is not making good contact and is not tight on the processor.

If you open the Computer case with one side off and the temperature stays normal without overheating that indicates a bad air flow inside your computer case.

Too much Thermal paste can make poor contact between the processor and CPU Cooler surface.

Make sure the CPU Cooler fan is running at full speed when it starts to overheat and is not blocked or obstructed from spinning in any way.

Any way, I would first check the CPU Cooler you have now and make sure it is properly installed and making good contact. Otherwise, depending on how much room your have inside your computer case, you can purchase one from above list or go to the CPU Cooler manufacturer site to see if they have any less expensive models. Make sure it is one made for Ryzen Processor otherwise it may void your AMD Warranty if your processor gets damaged and needs to be RMAed in the future.