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Journeyman III

Ryzen 2700x Temperatures & EDC 100%

Hey everyone,


I'm totally lost with my Ryzen 2700x. I started meddling with it again and it's confusing as hell. So, currently my temps are these:


This is with just the browser open, no gaming, nothing. I'm using the stock cooler that came with it and I've re-applied thermal paste not too long ago. 


If I get into a game, the temps easily go over 70C. Is that even normal? Also, the EDC (CPU) Metric showing 100% is confusing. Why is it constantly at 100%? If I go into Power options and change the CPU Power max to 99% from 100%, it instantly changes to this:





I'm concerned that i'm bottlenecking my rig with this option, as the cores go down to 3200GHz and refuse to go up even while gaming. 

Does anyone else have similar issues with this CPU? Any ideas how to solve this (assuming there's an issue)

Thanks a lot! 

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Journeyman III

never had  temps like that on my 2700x but the temps are not that high though if it worries you slap a large noctua cooler on it and call it a day

Community Manager

For more information on EDC and other CPU/Motherboard power limits, refer to the QRG of Ryzen Master Tool, page 22-23. 

All this really means is that the CPU consumption of motherboard power supply is hitting the stock limit. This is perfectly normal and if your system is not experiencing any issues you can ignore it. 

What Windows Power Profile are you using? Try switching to Windows Balanced and the EDC used % may drop and this may allow for slightly higher CPU frequencies, depending on power and thermal limits. 





Hi, thanks a lot for the response! 


I was using the Windows Balanced mode, which limits the EDC to about 50%, but also sets my CPU to a max of 3.200GHz, whereas if I use the Performance option, it lets my CPU go all the way up to 4,3GHz (It goes up and down anywhere from 3.x to 4.x GHz, according to the Ryzen Master data)


You have something running that's maxing the CPU out.  You need to figure out what that is before going any further.


Mine's been like this for 2 years with 0 issuesMine's been like this for 2 years with 0 issues