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Journeyman III

Ryzen 2700 + Msi B450-A PRO MAX weird boost behavior

Good evening everyone!

So I have recently bought those 2 together and they are behaving weirdly for what I can tell, and I would like to know if i'm getting what I have paid for or there's something I can do about it.

Now, I have a decent Noctua NH-U14S with push and pull, which I assume wouldn't perform at top tier but neither can be compared with stock coolers...

The behavior i'm observing is, the cpu is boosting as advertised on stock mobo settings, 4.1 when sitting on desktop and downclocking when idle. As soon as a load is going on the cpu it's throttling down to base clock 3.3 not even touching 1.1v (1.06 actually) around 40c, it can be a stress test or gaming (many titles FarCry5, MSFS2020, Doom Eternal, Tetris Effect, Forza Horizon 4, Fallout 4\76...), I'm using ryzen master, HWInfo64, HWmonitor, Msi afterburner, OCCT... there's some deviation but nothing much...

If I haven't seen my dad's 2600 on stock cooler pushing +200mhz from base clock with the same methodology I wouldn't probably bother... He is on x470 tho... Msi as well, not sure about the exact model...

The cpu is fine as it is stable at 3.9Ghz all core, 1.27v, not exceeding 60c... but I lose downclock when idle, 4.1 peak boost, and most importantly, warranty...

I am currently on Agesa I don't need extreme fine tuning as I am gpu bottlenecked with my gtx 1060 6gb but those seems extremely conservative results to me...

Tried PBO on\off and OC genie as well... no luck... does anyone had the same experience? Any input is much appreciated :)

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Journeyman III