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Journeyman III

Ryzen 2600X on ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming Motherboard With Stock Cooler Installed Correctly - Temps Minimum 50 Degrees at IDLE, Spikes to 60 Degrees

As the title notes, a new build of Ryzen 2600X CPU on an ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming Motherboard with the stock Wraith Spire cooler installed correctly is reporting minimum idle temperatures in the BIOS as 50 degree C with spikes to sixty degrees C (I am aware the spikes are caused by Precision Boost).

Voltages spike to 1.47V or higher every five or ten seconds, which is presumably coming from the Precision Boost, and these immediately cause the temperature spikes. This is at stock 3.6GHz speed, no overclock, with ASUS Performance Enhancer set to AUTO or DEFAULT.

If I turn off the Precision Boost, the temperatures drop into the 30's at idle in the BIOS.  This indicates to me that the voltages are WAY off or the Precision Boost is causing excessive temperatures even at the stock 3.6GHz speed.

If I manually set an overclock using the ASUS AI Tweaker and TUI to TUI 1, I get a 3.8GHz speed with LOWER voltages and temperatures drop into the 40's.

Note all these temps are IN THE UEFI BIOS, not any monitoring software. (I'm running openSUSE Linux and in Linux I can't even read accurate temperatures because the lm-sensors utility has not been properly updated for Ryzen, and the k10temp utility has been incorrectly modified to provide a 10 degree offset for the 2600X which only applies to earlier Ryzen CPUs.)

Note that I have NINE fans in this box - 5 Be Quiet Pure Wings 2, one other fan that came with the case, the Wraith Spire CPU fan, the power supply fan, and a small fan on my minor 2GB  video card. The fan profile is set to 100% at 60 degrees for the Spire fan, 50% at 50 degrees for the other fans. When doing image downloads in Firefox, I can hear the CPU fan ramp up indicating higher than sixty degree temperatures.

Can anyone explain why I'm hitting these high temperatures? My understanding is that the stock cooler should enable thirty degree temperatures at idle for this processor.

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Bios version 4207 came out for your mother board about a week after you posted this - have you tried this bios?

I usually auto-tune my fans within the bios, and move the min values up a hair.

Hopefully that bios does the trick.