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Journeyman III

RYZEN 2600 overclocked out the box

My ryzen 2600 came overclocked out of the box to 3.75 ghz and i dont know if its a problem or anything

I have also been experiencing more ram usage, i have 8 gb 2400 speed ram and its always using 2.5 gb or ram

I am not a experienced builder but i know that this unusual 

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Adept II

Re: RYZEN 2600 overclocked out the box

Is your Ryzen 2600 ALWAYS RUNNING AT 100%~3.75 GHz? Or are u referring to it Boosting UP TO 3.75 GHz under load and then clocks back down when idle? I'm asking because I just got a 2600 yesterday and mine Boosts up to 3.90~4.0 GHz whenever XFR2 and/or Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) kicks in under load and at idle it runs around 3.0~3.40 GHz... Of yours is always MAXED OUT THEN U DO HAVE A PROBLEM!!!