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Adept II

[Ryzen 2400g VEGA 11] 2400MHz RAM overclocked to 3066MHz do I have to clock back to 2933Mhz?

I have a Gigabyte A320M motherboard, Crucial CT4G4DFS824A
2400Mhz memory, powered by a Ryzen 2400g with VEGA 11 onboard.
I managed to overclock my 2400Mhz memory to 3066 Mhz.
Now my question is whether I can clock this memory back to 2933Mhz for better compatibility in connection with the memory specs specified by amd for the 2400g.
At the moment everything is running fine, I have done several burnin tests.
And my memory is now running on 3066Mhz 16-14-15-14-21, really at the minimum. Originally this was 2400Mhz 17-17-17-17-39 at 1.25volt
So it worked out well.
I have used the "Samsung B-die" in Dram Calculator.
In AIDA64 it gives: READ: 45246 MB / s WRITE: 46146 MB / s
COPY: 40586 70.2 nanoseconds.

If anyone has experience with memory overclocking and with the maximum memory bus of 2933Mhz of the 2400g, please answer


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