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Ryzen 2400G GPU Passtrough possible by design?

Hey there,

i've been playing around with virtualization based on VMware ESXi and have some setups with Ryzen CPUs running aswell as passtroughed GPUs.

Since the Ryzen 2400G has an integrated GPU i wanted to passtrough it to my windows VM which works (the GPU is showing up in the devicemanager).

But when i install the driver i get a Bluescreen with a System Thread Exception.

Therefore i wanted to know if it could be possible to passtrough the internal GPU (like on Intel CPUs)?

If not - is this by design or could this be fixed by making changes to the BIOS or IOMMU Groups?

If needed i can share Logs, Bluescreen Dumps and other stuff from my ESXi with the Ryzen 2400G.

The Ryzen 2400G is on a AsRock B450m Steel Legend.


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