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Ryzen 1920x overheating at idle:

I'll preface by saying I'm far from a tech whizz, I know almost nothing about PC Hardware. A month ago I purchased a new PC, and it's run fine until yesterday.

At first I received a CPU fan speed error, searched around and multiple sources said to set the speed to Ignore since its water cooled. This solved the error, but booting the PC causes it to overheat at idle (and even in the BIOS setup), reaching 90+ Celsius if left to heat up (I've switched it on a few times in the process of trying to find the problem and to fix it, and shut it down early).

All the fans are working. The cooler (Corsair Hydro H110i AIO) I think is not, one of the tubes is getting hot right where it attaches to the (forgive the lack of a technical term) main part of the cooler, while the other isn't. Not only this, BIOS is showing N/A pump RPM (though I don't know if this is a recording malfunction or the cooler is shot).

I'm certainly a little peeved given the setup is so young, and in desperate need of a solution. Any other details needed?