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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

ryzen 1700x crashes to dpc watchdog violation bluescreen

Hi, yesterday i purchased a new setup running a 1700x processor, 64 GB hyperx 2400mhz ram, ASUS Crosshair hero vi motherboard, gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb, 256 gb samsung pro ssd, 750W psu and arctic freezer cpu cooling, on windows 10 pro.

The reason i got this machine is because i need it for working on a architectural vizualisation done with 3ds max corona renderer, and i need to do it urgently (my old computer had 32gb that wasnt enough).

After picking up the computer from the shop i came home and started running the project on 3ds max and tried to render. The render was superfast comparing to the old setup, until 10 minutes after when i got the dpc_watchdog_violation screen on windows and it crashed. I started learning the problem and updated all drivers, from chipset to bios, and still the problem continues.

At some point after reading some crash reports i thought that perhaps the cpu is overheating (when running on voltage 1.4-1.5 variable on bios and temperatue between 40-60c) i decided to set voltage to 1.3 constant, that helped the watchdog violation crash but 3ds max started crashing on its own.

Eventually i ran a prime95 stress test, that after 10 minutes crashed with dpc_watchdog_violation exactly as it happened on 3ds max when rendering.

Does anyone have any idea what can be the issue? is it cpu? or memory?

Im helpless here.

Thank you for any advice.

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Adept I
Adept I

Re: ryzen 1700x crashes to dpc watchdog violation bluescreen

Ryzen 1800x crashes and restarts on its own without warning

hi ...we have the same proplem here with 1800x

i hope you share us with your problem to find the solution for this issue

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