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Journeyman III

Ryzen 1300X high core voltage issues on default settings (no OC)


My issue is that my core voltage is extremely high when set to Auto (ie default) in BIOS (MSI B350M Gaming Pro), normally in the 1.35-1.55 range even while idling.  If I try to manually set it to 1.2375 (which I think is default for the 1300X?) in either BIOS or Windows (Ryzen Master/MSI Command Center) the system immediately freezes or can't boot Windows.  Is this normal for this motherboard/CPU combo?

I first noticed this after using Ryzen Master to overclock (and of course I've now completely abandoned any idea of OCing and reset everything to defaults many times).  The first thing I noticed was somehow it screwed up my memory timings to be incorrect semi-permanently (16-16-16-36 instead of 15-15-15-35) and even when I went into BIOS and looked at the SPD data which clearly showed the correct timings it refused to set them.  No manner of BIOS settings (Auto/XMP1/XMP2) would change and I eventually had to reset the CMOS in order to fix it.

The next thing I noticed was the high voltage.  I've tried the following all to no avail:

  • Change settings in Ryzen Master
  • Change settings in MSI Command Center
  • Uninstall Ryzen Master and Ryzen Master SDK (The Ryzen Master SDK keeps auto-reinstalling, I wonder if that's MSI Command Center)
  • Re-install Ryzen Master
  • Change settings in BIOS
  • Re-install the current BIOS version (2.90)
  • Clear CMOS two different ways including CMOS jumper and removing the battery
  • Load defaults (F6) after clearing CMOS with no other settings changed
  • Warm boot, cold boot, reset switch, power button (cold boots with/without turning off switch on PSU and with/without unplugging the cord)
  • No matter what I do when I have Auto enabled in BIOS the voltages remain very high and if manually set lower (say, 1.2375) the system locks up/doesn't boot Windows.  I have verified the voltages in: BIOS, Ryzen Master, MSI Command Center, HWinfo, and HWmonitor.
  • Forcing Windows to sleep mode then resuming and checking voltages

Is it possible this is normal with this mobo/CPU and I just never noticed it? (But how can this be when everyone says don't go over 1.4 or 1.45 ever for 24/7 operation and my CPU is constantly in that range with no OC and everything set to defaults? Not to mention people saying at stock speeds their CPUs are running at 1.1xxx or 1.2xxx during stress tests?)  Is it possible Ryzen Master somehow saved the settings somewhere in BIOS and/or Windows even though I don't run it after rebooting or even uninstall it and have reset my CMOS multiple times?  Is it possible I have a bad mobo/CPU?  What's controlling the CPU core voltage, the CPU or the motherboard?  Why does the system instantly lock up when I set the CPU to normal voltages, does that mean this CPU is unique and requires high voltages to run normally or is that impossible?

Current core voltage values with just reading email and browsing: current: 1.437, min: 1.306, max: 1.531, avg: 1.408

Thanks for your help!

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