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Journeyman III

Rounding Errors Prime95 Ryzen 7 2700x

I've been struggling with enumerable hardware issues associated with my system and have narrowed the issue down to the CPU. 

AIDA64 will generate hardware errors when stressing the system, and Prime95 Blend will generate hardware errors expressed as rounding errors across all cores consistently. Sometimes I can run Prime95 Blend stable for 12 hours without issue. But If i leave my computer idle over night and then attempt to test it will often generate rounding errors within minutes. This lead me to believe there may be a power saving state or idle feature that is screwing with the RAM. Subseqently I've been trying to disable C6 states, power down modes etc.

So far I have attempted the following fixes without success;

+Upgraded BIOS.

+Reinstalled Windows.

+Completely replaced the RAM.

+Reseasted the CPU 3 times.

+tested the PSU.

+Switched the SSD.

+Tried disabling power saving features.

+Changed windows power options to AMD balanced.

+Reset CMOS numerous times.

Important clarification, the CPU is not overclocked and never has been. I have tried multiple configurations of XMP profiles and all of them seem to have issues, the range being about 3000mhz-3466mhz. Timings are 16-18-18-36.

Any help would be sorely appreciated because after several months of attempting to diagnose the issue I am completely stuck.

2 Replies

Try opening a Online AMD Warranty Request and see if they believe you should RMA  the cpu from here: AMD Warranty Request Form | AMD 

What are the specific errors you are getting?

Try using OCCT to test your CPU and PSU and see if it also shows any errors while running.

Journeyman III

Ok I figured out the problem. I have a rare RAM kit that whilst theoretically supported by the motherboard. is in actuality only supported up to 3400mhz. I only discovered this as a result of alot of testing. The RAM will become unstable over time inevitably at its rated speeds because the motherboard despite being premium and high end won't support that particular RAM stick at high frequencies even though equivalent motherboards will. I've toned down the RAM frequency and tightened the timings to get comperable performance.

The lesson here is be very careful what RAM sticks you buy and check their compatibility meticulously with the motherboard manufacturer.