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Journeyman III

RMA Wait Times

How long does it typically take AMD to reply to an RMA request, I'm having issues with my 3950x out of the box on an Asus ROG Strix x570 gaming-e motherboard. Had windows up and running, but had a crash after running CPUz stress test, temps were all good, no overclock. I stopped the stress test and the pc immediately crashed, upon reboot the pc failed to post, I'm getting a q code error of 04 or D4, and the CPU light is lit.

Breadboxing the motherboard accomplished nothing, neither did flashing the bios to multiple builds for the motherboard. Asus was easy to deal with and I was able to get approved to send the motherboard in a 15 minute window. I shipped it yesterday. And am expecting a replacement or repaired board sent within the next 7 days according to the rep I spoke with.

I requested an RMA on this CPU as well, just to have it checked out, since when running the stress test I noticed I was only getting 3.8ghz all core clock. It's been nearly 36 hrs and I have yet to get anything but an automated reply. Anybody have any insight on this? Forums said the RMA process was pretty seamless, I've RMA'd with intel, and had a new CPU within a couple days..

Service Request: {ticketno:[8200959237]}