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Journeyman III

RMA lost in warehouse?

I sent the 5600x CPU for an RMA as one of the cores was faulty (took a while to diagnose, but probably had the fault from the beginning, just took a month after purchase before it got bad enough to notice and totally unusable).

As RMA has taken ages, got a second hand 5800x and it works perfectly in this setup. So certainly blaming the CPU there!

However, after signing/reciving the parcel, the RMA/customer support team are emailing me saying they don't have the CPU. Am I now out of the cost of the CPU and left high and dry by your customer service? It's been very slow, and not really much help at all.

All this time trying to trouble shoot the problem (it only crashed when in a low power state, so benchmarking/games/"burn in" tests passed, but as soon as I booted chrome/Linux it threw massive faults, but only on core 5). Plugged the 5800x in, and it's been fine, no settings changed. But I wasted ages on a broken 5600x, that I'm now being told the RMA is messed up with?

What am I to do?