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Journeyman III

RMA Issue

I raised overheating issue regarding my desktop processor. Customer care personnel asked me to share photo of the processor along with complaint number and also asked to share the purchase invoice. I have shared photo of the processor without complaint number because I have to remove the thermal paste. Also shared the invoice copy but they are not accepting. Hence I asked them to share the escalation matrix but so far no one has shared nor available in internet. Worst support. I want someone from AMD to intervene. I request the community to share the escalation matrix.

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Deleted part of my reply because I unintentionally ignored your title to this thread.

Please post the Make & Model of your AMD Processor.

Did your AMD processor come in official sealed AMD Retail Box?

Community Manager

I have reviewed your ticket.


What the RMA agent is asking you for is quite simple, and I am quoting from the ticket: 

A photo of your processor installed in the motherboard socket clearly showing the model and serial number. Please also write your service request  number on a piece of paper and include it in the picture such that both CPU serial number and service request number are clearly legible.


I am not sure how removing the thermal paste has any connection with this request.

I am facing the exact same problem.

After spending so much time to get my pc stable, I got advice from a support ticket that maybe the CPU is problematic.

I asked for RMA, and they don't like the photos I have provided when building the pc. Ok, the serial needs a bit of effort to read a specific number, but it is visible that the number is this one (its a 4).

However, the RMA asked for a new photo, with the serial being more "visible" and include the ticket id in a paper.

What they are actually asking is to spend 5-6 hours, in the hope that the new photo will be "more visible". Which is a hope, as the cpu is shiny, and the serial is very faint.

But what really bother me, is that I have to physically move where the pc is, shutdown the pc (and loose for ever the stuff that the pc needs to collect from the internet), and a) remove the cooler; b) clear the thermal paste from the cpu; c) try to take a photo in the hope that my phone will take a better picture (how?); d) remove the thermal paste from the cooler; e) reinstall the cooler.

And of course, all this fuss for is for approving the RMA. I have to redo all this, when I should send the cpu for a replacement, shouldn't I?

What is AMD trying to achieve by requesting this photo?