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Journeyman III

Ripped 3700X out of the socket; PIN "AZ_RST_L" bent!

Hi guys,

so I wanted to take the Wraith Prism off to use a better cooler. I thought one of the clamps wouldn't let got, so I tilted the whole heatsink. Then I saw...the socket was empty!

Obviously I ripped the CPU out of it without unlocking it first.

It the Mainboard damaged now?

One of the Pins on the CPU was bent.

Using this I determined it was the "AZ_RST_L" one.

See here on the right:


What is "AZ_RST_L"?

Looking at this, I found something else...


There is some white stuff on one pin. May some fluff or even a little spider.

So what is "VSS_SENSE_B"?



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Re: Ripped 3700X out of the socket; PIN "AZ_RST_L" bent!

I suggest you look at some YouTube videos on how to carefully straighten out any bent pins without breaking them on a processor.

Check the Motherboard's Processor socket and see if you can see any physical damage to it. It is a good chance it wasn't damaged.

Best way to find out is by straightening out the bent Processor's pins and installing the Processor back on the Motherboard and see if it boots up or has problems after booting up into Windows.

Several Users in the past had the same unfortunate experience when removing the Processor's CPU Cooler whereas the Thermal Paste acted like a glue. Many damaged the Processor by having broken pins or many extremely bent pins that broke after trying to straighten them out. They ended up with an expensive paperweight.

By the way, AMD Warranty is  voided if your Processor has bent or broken pins on it.