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Journeyman III

Restart when stress test or in auto

Hello community.

I got a problem for 2 weeks  allready.First happened by restarting the pc out of nowhere and after that got a restart loop on boot.Finally i switched from auto to manual on frequency, voltage and I could enter in windows.

The problem now is, when i run a benchmark the pc restarts after 5 to 20 seconds, more or less, i tried to change the voltage, the frequency, no results, tried with another psu, just with 8gb of ram, switched them, nothing, I think there is a problem on CPU or no idea.I took off the cpu and the rest of the parts, did a cmos reset, nothing.

The temps are fine at this moment 32 degrees in idle and bench 58 at 3.8 ghz and 1,25 voltage.Tried some setups and no luck.

My build is:

Amd ryzen 5 3600x

5600 XT Sapphire

B450 Tomahawk Max

RM650 Corsair gold 650w

Cpu cooler:id cooling se-207 (changed to see if is something for cpu stock cooler but no luck)

If there is no solution I will send the cpu to warranty but I got exams now and need the pc badly.

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