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Adept I

Regarding my new AMD Ryzen 5800X and prime95 CPU Stress tester...

Hello to all, Every time that I do a cpu stress test on prime95 blend test it will eventually reach 90C or just a tad above Temperature wise and I am wondering if there is something that can be done to either fix the problem or workaround the problem in question...  I do have the latest beta bios for my motherboard version 2401 installed as well..  Also I do have CPB enabled..  I don't have the extra 4pin atx connecter connected anymore in hopes that might help and it did not help..  Also, I don't have ECO Mode enabled either at this time but I am strongly considering enabling it if I can't get the temperature down a little bit more during cpu stress testing anytime soon though..  Anyways, Thanks for listening in advance and Have a great day as well there..

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