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Journeyman III

Regarding authentic CPU

I brought a Brand New Ryzen 5 3600 today from Bangladesh. There was some Chinese words instead of English. I heard that there were some Chinese edition of Ryzen 5 3600. How should i know that my processor is authentic? I added some screenshot.

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Most likely that is an AMD processor made to be sold in Asia and not in the USA.

Does the Serial Number on the box the same on the Processor?

Open a AMD Service Request ticket under Warranty and give them your processor's Model Number and Serial Number printed on the surface of the CPU. They will tell you whether the processor is a OEM or Retail processor and it is legit:

Does look like an authentic AMD Sealed Retail Processor Box.

Here is AMD Support showing how a authentic AMD Sealed Retail Box will look like plus the various special features that makes the Box from being counterfeited:

Thank you for the info. I will contact amd support to check whether it is OEM or Retail. But i also think it might be just ASIA product.