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Journeyman III

Recurring Technical Issues with AMD Ryzen 7500F Processor and Customer Grievance

Dear AMD Representatives,

As a professional interior designer, I rely on powerful and reliable computer hardware to ensure my workflows remain uninterrupted and efficient. This led me to opt for a system powered by the AMD Ryzen 7500F processor. However, the technical issues I have encountered over the past three months have made me question this decision.

Shortly after purchasing the product, I faced a technical problem that necessitated sending my computer to service twice. Each instance resulted in approximately 20 days of downtime, significantly disrupting my professional activities and negatively impacting my workflow.

My confidence in AMD has been severely shaken due to these recurring issues. The fear of facing a similar situation again directly affects my professional performance.

Therefore, I am keen to understand how AMD intends to address and resolve my grievance. I would also appreciate information on the steps being taken to prevent such issues from recurring, and how AMD handles these situations to support their customers' ongoing productivity.

I hope for your support to ensure my work can continue smoothly and request a prompt response given the urgency of the matter.


Furkan Güler

2 Replies
Big Boss

gulerfurkan, this is a user forum and we seldom see an AMD employ here. Please open an Online Support. Request. You posted no information to guess what is going on. It would be interesting to understand more. In my experience, most of the problems presented here are self inflicted, Mainboard or other non-processor problem. Thanks and enjoy, John.

First you never mentioned your PC information nor the "issues" you are having.

But looking at AMD Specs for your Processor:

Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax)
Thermal Solution (PIB)
AMD Wraith Stealth
Default TDP
Since you mentioned that you are a Professional Interior Designer I imagine you use professional software to do video and photo rendering that puts a lot of load on the processor.
I imagine some of your "issues" are mainly due to your processor overheating and throttling.
If this is the case I would suggest replacing your AMD Wraith Stealth CPU Cooler with a much stronger CPU Cooler rated at least 150 Watts TDP so that it will keep your processor Maximum Operating Temperature below 80-85c under any loads.
The AMD Wraith Stealth is the weakest of all of the AMD CPU Coolers that comes  bundled with a AMD processor. It is adequate for normal computer use but under heavy loads it could reach 95c or higher depending on circumstances.
If overheating is not the issue than please post all the issues your are having.
NOTE: Since you mentioned you sent it to "Service" I presume you bought a Pre-Built PC with the Ryzen 7500F.
Your Ryzen 5 7500F is strictly a OEM Processor and has no Integrated Graphics.
Many issues is due to hardware not being incompatible with your processor especially RAM or BIOS not being properly configured for your RAM and Processor.