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Journeyman III

Random Variety of BSOD

My build is brand new, and worked fine for about a week. I am now getting BSOD errors, but they aren't following a consistent pattern and I can't seem to resolve the issue. The BSOD errors that i've encountered: Kernel Security Failure, TDR Video Failure, Page Fault in non paged area, and others. My hardware:

Ryzen 3700x

MSI X470 Gaming Plus

32Gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 (4x8)

Sapphire AMD Radeon 5700 XT

I am on the latest version of windows, and have done a fresh install. I am on the latest BIOS and chipset driver. My radeon software is up to date. Any advice?

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After you did a fresh install of Windows OS without adding any 3rd party software, Did it BSOD again?

Reason why I am asking, is if it BSOD with a fresh Windows install without any 3rd party program installed that is a strong indication that it is Hardware related and not software since Windows is freshly installed.


Your problem could be many. I would try and stress test your CPU, GPU, and PSU to see if it BSODs.  Also test your RAM Memory using MEMTEST86 to rule out defective RAM Memory module.

Poor PSU voltages, Overheating, Incompatible  Hardware, Failing Hardware like the GPU, PSU, Motherboard, and CPU all can cause BSOD's.

OCCT test CPU, GPU and PSU.  It is free and a nice diagnostic program I use myself.

Do you have the latest BIOS version and Chip Set drivers installed from your Motherboard's Support site?  If not, I would do that first. Make sure you have the latest Chip Set drivers installed first before upgrading to the latest BIOS Version, if applicable.

Also make sure your RAM Memory is listed in the Motherboard's QVL list if you personally built your own computer for your Ryzen Processor. If you purchased a complete Computer than most likely it is using compatible hardware.