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Journeyman III

Random software freezing to the point nothing functions

I posted this in processors as I am starting to think this might be where the problem is due to the temperatures descried below.

I started having this problem before I replaced my hard drive where I would be in the middle of something then as if the internet disconnects, the first sign is when watching Twitch streams, I randomly get a network error in place of the stream or pages will continuously load with no result. Next the browser (Chrome) stops responding completely followed by everything else including Windows no longer responding, at this point task manager and start menu will not even open. The issue is sometimes also in effect after restarting straight away and would often need restarting again after leaving it off for a while. When this is not happening I occasionally get very slow response from the keyboard, often letters will appear in groups after typing and the keyboard will often seemingly disconnect except for making a Windows error ding every time a key is pressed.

I have installed HWMonitor which indicated the CPU reached 74*C under rather low load (Chrome & a 32-bit game using 4GB patch). It also idles at 58*C with only chrome open under no more than 4% with 16% peaks appearing on the load. This leads me to believe the crashing may be a result of overheating. I have checked the fan is spinning and I have cleaned out accumulated dust including from under the fan around September/October and this did not make a difference as it seems to happen more often recently.

I have replaced the hard drive with one of a different type which is also bigger, I am also using different antivirus software than before (was Avast, now Kaspersky). However after a clean install on a new HDD the issue persists although less frequently. I have contacted AMD support a few days ago but I have not heard back yet. The parts that have not been changed are:

Motherboard - AMD/Palit B350M - Installed 2019

CPU - AMD Ryzen 2600 - Installed 2019

GPU - Nvidia GTX 960 - Installed 2018 (Replaced failed AMD HD7850 on Acer G5900 Motherboard)

OS - Windows 10 (64-bit)

RAM - 16 GB (2 x 8GB & 2 disused) - Installed 2019

What could be causing this issue?