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Journeyman III

Ram speed

Subject: RE: Re: Model AM02 CPU: AMD RYZEN 7 375H

Hi Folks

My computer as listed came from Amazon recently with one single 16gb DDR4 ram module inside listed at 2666mhz.

I have replaced this to upgrade the ram with 2 x 16 GB DDR4 Kingston fury modules listed at 2666mhz.

The computer has recognized the ram as 32GB so all good.

However, it says in the settings it's running at 2400Mhz can I set this to the faster ram module speed of 2666 in the bios ???? or will the CPU not work at that speed? I presume it would help if I could alter this.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I am only a novice at pc specs


Regards Dave

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Go to BIOS, enable XMP setting (in some BIOSes it's called D.O.C.P) and it should work fine, but I don't see anything "as listed".

Big Boss

Dave007, you may be able to run 2666 MHz but the specifications say 2400 MHz. Definitely worth a try as MADZren said. I am assuming a 3750H. Please correct your title. Thanks and enjoy, John.

Sorry yes its a 3750H



Did your laptop come with Non-Removable RAM or a permanent RAM installed?

If it didn't then you would need to go to your RAM Manufacturer to find out if the RAM you purchased is 100% compatible  with your laptop and at what speeds. Once that is verified you should be able to enter BIOS Settings and see if it has any settings for overclocking the RAM.

BUT if your laptop came with Non-Removable RAM or permanent RAM installed then you need to find out what that RAM speed is. Because that will determine the speed of all your RAM that you install in your laptop.

RAM will always run at the slowest RAM installed.

In the past most Laptop's had one Non-removable RAM or permanent RAM installed which is why I am asking.

NOTE: Can you post the exact Make & Model of the Laptop Model you have?


Thanks for your reply and help, Its actually not a laptop

It's Mini PC Model NiPoGi AM02 CPU: AMD RYZEN 7 3750H from Amazon:

Windows 11 Pro Mini PC, AM02 AMD Ryzen 7 3750H 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Mini Desktop Computer with Radeon...

It came with a removable 16gb ram module in one of its 2 slots, i replace this with Kingston FURY 16GB 2666MHZ X 2 To fill both slots


Can you post the Kingston RAM Set Part number you have installed in your Mini-PC?

I believe I located the Chinese Manufacturer Webpage for your Mini-PC:

But it doesn't have any Support page to download a manual nor drivers nor any QVL Lists except a contact number:

Shenzhen ChuangTongYiGou YouXianGongsi
Tel:+39 800 959 183
Add:Room 2218, Rongchuang Zhihui Building A,
the intersection of Longsheng Road and Jinglong
Jianshe Road, Shangfen Community Shangfen Community
Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

That generally for me is a Red Flag.

I would send an email and ask them if they have a list of RAM that is compatible with their Mini-PC or give them your RAM part number and see what they say.

Need to look at your RAM part number at Kingston website to determine its complete specs.

NOTE: What is the RAM part number that came originally with the PC?   That might give an indication which RAM might be compatible.


"one single module" ? wow this sounds as scam encouraging to update hardware, do you have a link to this product for me to check it ?

edit : ok didn't see you posted it , pc should always be sold with pairs of ram modules , i can run single , but it's slower , should have been 2x8 instead .. apparently you 've been able to put 2 ram stick so it's not about space