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Journeyman III

RAM overclock: What are default Vddg_ccd and Vddg_iod for R9 3900X?

I'm trying to stabilize a RAM overclock on a Ryzen 9 3900X. Mobo is ASRock X570M Pro4 w/ most recent BIOS, memory is 4 sticks of Ballistix LT Sport 3000 16GB @ 15-16-16. It's stable at XMP speeds but I'm trying to squeeze more out of it. I can't get past 3200 MT/s so far, and at the tightest settings it's marginally stable at that speed.

The BIOS won't let me see the default settings for Vddg_ccd and Vddg_iod, so I'm adjusting them blind. It would be nice to know what the defaults are for these settings.

Any other suggestions for getting 4 sticks of double-rank RAM to work at higher speeds are welcome.

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