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Journeyman III

Ram compatibility


I was fortunately able to snag a 5900x and am building a whole new rig. I will be using the MSI Mag X570 Tomahawk and bought G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32gb (2x16) ram. ( I was originally looking at the Trident Z but I don't really need RGB.

PC part picker says they are compatible but I don't see them on MSI's website.

Will this actually be compatible or no? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! First build in 8 years and I'm very excited

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First G-Skill TRIDENT-Z are made for Ryzen Processors and motherboards whether they have RGB LEDs or not.

Your link is bad but was able to find the good link at Newegg:

The RAM Part number is G-Skill F4-3600C16D-32GVKC.

According to G-Skill RAM CONFIGURATOR your RAM is compatible with your motherboard:,

Screenshot 2020-12-28 134415.png

Yet, MSI Support for RAM QVL List for Vermeer only shows these RAM Modules that are compatible with your processor:

Screenshot 2020-12-28 135333.png

So G-Skill says yes your RAM is compatible with your motherboard but not necessarily with the new processor. MSI says on RAM ending with GT and not GV are compatible.

What I would do since you already have the RAM, install it, and see if the your PC boots up without any issues and in BIOS it is showing the correct amount of RAM and SPD Speed.

If BIOS shows the correct speed (might need to enable XMP) and correct amount of RAM and it boots up fine into Windows then it probably is compatible.

If the RAM is not completely compatible you would start seeing issues when booting up or while in Windows.

But you have a very good chance that it is compatible since G-Skill tested it on your specific Motherboard.




Thanks! Sorry about the bad link, not sure why that happened. 

I checked that configurator after I made this post and was even more confused... 

The last pieces I'm waiting on are the ram/mobo/case so I'll try it out when they get here. I figured I would just see if it works and then go from there.

If it doesn't work, any suggestions for which ram to get? I'm not super particular about brands and rgb is fine but not necessary.


Best to go by your Motherboard's QVL List for RAM for Vermeer processors.

Those RAMs in the list has been tested by the Manufacturer to be compatible both with the motherboard and processor.

I recently upgraded from a AM3+ Motherboard with a FX8350 processor to a  Asus X570 Motherboard with a Ryzen 7 3700X. I purchased G-Skill Trident-Z  RGB LED (set of 16 GB - 32GB @3600 Mhz) which is listed on both G-Skill RAM CONFIGURATOR and ASUS QVL List for Matisse processors.

They cost a few dollars more then the set you got but they work fine without any issues. I needed to enable ASUS XMP RAM to have the RAM go from its SPD speed of 21xx Mhz to 3600 Mhz.

But I am sure there are probably many RAM Part Numbers listed on the QVL list that is within your budget.

EDIT: I hope your motherboard was manufactured after 11/04/2020 otherwise if the Motherboard is older then 11/04/2020 you will need to upgrade the Motherboard's BIOS version to before your 5900X is recognized and supported.

Here is the BIOS Version you motherboard needs to have your PC boot up with the 5900X:

Screenshot 2020-12-28 150903.png

There are only two MSI BIOS versions that support the 5900X:

Screenshot 2020-12-28 151355.png

I believe the BIOS version of your Motherboard is printed on the Motherboard's BIOS Chips otherwise it will be on a small thin label somewhere on the motherboard or possibly mentioned on the Motherboard's Retail box itself.

Luckily your Motherboard has the excellent FLASHBIOS feature where you don't need to power up the PC just turn power on and install a USB Stick with the correct BIOS Version on the correct USB Slot in the rear of the Motherboard  Then press the FLASHBIOS button and the Motherboard automatically upgrades the BIOS version on your motherboard.


The BIOS Flashback was exactly why I went with this motherboard!

I see on Newegg there are Trident Z Neo's that are GTZN and GTZNC, I'm guessing these are not the same... 

The GTZN and GTZR which are on the QVL are both the same price on Newegg, about $70 more than what I bought, which is fine if it's guaranteed to work. 

Is there much of a difference between Neo and just RGB?


G-Skill Trident-Z Neos are advertised as being compatible with Ryzen Processors and AMD Motherboards.

There are many other RAM Manufacturers you can take a look at to see if their RAM is less expensive for your needs.

As long as the RAM is listed on the Motherboard's QVL List for RAM Vermeer you are fine. They have all been tested by MSI to be compatible with both the Motherboard and Processor.

So it is up to you which RAM you want to purchase. How much you are willing to spend.

My G-Skill TRIDENT-Z NEO RGB cost me for a set of two 16 GB RAM sticks around $175.00 at Amazon. But I did return the first pair I received since only one of the two RAM Sticks RGB LEDs was working.  But the RGB LED doesn't have anything to do with the actual function of the RAM. But I replaced for 2 reasons. I was having issues booting up plus the RGB LED wasn't working on one of the RAM sticks.

The second TRIDENT-Z that I received works perfectly without any issues at 3600 MHZ.

NOTE: On my previous AM3+ Motherboard I purchased a set of 4 - 4 GB Corsair RAM Sticks which worked fine for several years before one of the sticks went bad. But I went with G-Skill with my new build because of its reputation here at AMD Forums in the past with other Users in working well with Ryzen processors. 

The FLASHBACK BIOS feature was one of the major reasons I was looking for in a Motherboard. That way I didn't need to order a AMD BOOT Kit if my BIOS was the wrong version on the recently purchased Motherboard.


Good luck and hope your PC boots up into Windows the first time you power up. If not open a new thread if updating the BIOS doesn't work :smileywink:


I appreciate all the help!

I was just about to ask how I sort by Vermeer only, but I think I figured it out. But just to be sure, anything under the "Memory by RX-5xxx" button will work? 

Any major differences between the chipsets? 


Yes  that is the QVL RAM List for the 5xxx processors (RX-5xxx). All those RAM Modules have been tested by MSI to be compatible with the new processor and motherboard.

It is best to have the latest Motherboard CHIPSET and BIOS installed to help hardware to be compatible and run smoothly.

You should install the latest CHIPSET Drivers either from your Motherboard Support download page or from AMD Download page. Whichever is the latest version.


Would ram be the cause of a blue screen "WHEA Uncorrectable Error" ?? 


Yes, RAM can cause that error but so can whole bunch of other reasons.

Found this Tech site that gives very good troubleshooting tips on how to correct that specific error:

Causes of the WHEA Uncorrectable Error

The WHEA uncorrectable error is a stop code displayed during blue screen crashes, and is usually caused by some type of hardware failure. A failing hard drive, defective memory, improperly seated CPU, and a variety of other hardware issues can all result in a WHEA uncorrectable error. In addition to faulty hardware, this error message can also be the result of driver conflicts and missing Windows updates that cause hardware to work, or not work, in unexpected ways.In some cases, overclocking can also cause this error to appear due to the extra strain overclocking puts on your CPU.


What would you recommend testing? 

I'm also getting this weird fan throttle thing followed by a click or two. Can't tell what or where it is