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Journeyman III

Radeon R9 200er makes Chainsaw sounds...

Hello, My AMD Radeon R9 200er Series Graphic card makes sounds like a chainsaw from time to time, mostly when im playing games. She is clean, in the right position and works well. I bought her two years ago and it started about one year ago. The sound is so loud you can hear it in other rooms. My PC doesnt give me any reports or informations. Im helpless right now! Maybe someone had the same problem as me and can help me.

Thank you all, Maxem

Deutsch: Moin, Ich habe mir vor knapp 2 Jahren einen PC zusammenstellen lassen. Unter anderem wurde in diesem eine AMD Radeon R9 200er Grafikkarte verbaut. Diese läuft zwar super, macht aber unabhängig vom Energieaufwand und der Pc Beanspruchung summende Geräusche, welche an schlechten Tagen bis zu 3 Stunden ohne Pause laufen. Ich habe den kompletten Pc schon mehrmals gereinigt, es ist alles an der richtigen Stelle & ich kriege auch keine Fehlermeldung. Das summen hört man durch die ganze Wohnung. Kann mir zufällig jemand helfen?

Danke schonmal im foraus

Lg, Maxem

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Re: Radeon R9 200er makes Chainsaw sounds...

Hey maxem,

I recommend that you remove the graphics card from the PCI-E slot and then disassemble the shroud. Check to see if the fans are properly installed and haven't come loose. I've seen this in the past and the sound you are saying it is reproducing is usually due to a fan not being perfectly flush/level due to a screw that has come loose. Faulty manufacturing such as this is fairly common and doesn't usually occur until some time after it's been in use, thus slowly unscrewing itself over time, due to never truly being fastened into the assembly properly.