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Journeyman III

R9 5900x P.O.S.T issue

Hi there, I'm having issue with my x570 Pro Wifi motherboard with AMD R9 5900x, Wanted to know what is actually happening before i would send it for warranty.

Recently there was power cut and it came back, And power setting on my motherboard was on "Always On". And this is happening in following video.

It is not posting and screen is black, I can see DRAM light is constant ON and it switches back to CPU for a second then comes back to DRAM on. What possible issue is there,

And also "PLEASE IGNORE RAM ON A1 Slot in VIDEO, I changed it to A2 but SAME RESULTS"

I removed the CPU and installed it again, Same results
I reset the BIOS and Updated it, Same results

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Journeyman III

Hi , on x570 series motherboard, you have possibility to flash motherboard bios without cpu, look on the back of pc , an usb port specifikly designed for flash witout cpu, i think you have probleme with you r compatibility , look you r cpu s pins if there are good!!? i don t think 2 slot of ram don t work, look like  compatibilty problem


Actually i have been operating this PC for 2 months, this should not be compatibility issue? I doubt CPU is dead or motherboard.


The power out may have corrupted the OS and or boot record, have you tried with a bootable usb drive.

Try asking on ,someone there can probably offer a guide or other suggestions.


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Adept III

Have you tried resetting CMOS? 


Negative, CPU is dead, Motherboard is also dead as well, I have applied for warranty. Be careful guys don't trust on motherboard to save surges. Never put your motherboard on Always on Power condition. There was no anti surge feature in motherboards so be aware. Always use stabilizers and anti surge power strips...