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Adept I

r9 3900x did I do something wrong? high temp

Hello guys, I recently upgraded my PC so I got:

ryzen 9 3900x

gygabite aorus x570 elite

hyperx predator black 16gb ddr4 3200mhz CL16 dual channel

ssd samsung 970 EVO Plus series 500gb


all of them mounted in a Segotep Halo 6 Plus

After installing the windows and drivers I tried testing in PUBG on ultra settings, 100fps+ but the temps where going crazy I was monitoring with Speccy and CPUiD, cpu showd 65-94 min max and the gpu was at 80 celsius.

The fan in back pannel is connected to sys fan while the 3 fans in front of the case are connected directly to power supply.

Also the CPU stays in 65 temp while idle and can hear the fan reving up and down to cool it. Seems like is turboboosting in idle for no reason.

Now I can't turn on the pc because I tried installing the gygabite appcenter and I get bsod everytime I turn on the PC, looks like I have to install a fresh copy of windows.

My question is are the temps normal? is this how the cpu should work?

edit: the cpu has the sotck fan with the preapplied thermal paste.

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Adept I


I installed a fresh copy of windows 10 pro, installed the latest drivers for chipset and gpu, and removed my PC from desk, the PC was inside desk with no space for proper airflow, I took it out an tested it.

Also changed the power plan from Ryzen to windows balanced power plan.

Ryzen Master was reading 35-40C in idle, ingame (PUBG-ultra settings) was reading 58-65C, after 3 hours of gaming it went up to 78-81C.

I'm planning on adding 2 more fans on top of the case ( Segotep Halo 6 plus) for better heat removal.

I also read on internet that there is a thing called undervolting that helps the amd CPU's to work at lower temp.

I never done any overclocking or underclocking in my life, so if there is someone out here that can teach me or send me a tutorial how to it I would be very happy.


Yeah sure, but i've seen some videos where undervolting was a bad idea (or something like that) but i still don't understand why, we are not playing in the same area but i have an r5 3600, and when i got it, i had a lot of issues, (computer was restarting above 76°C but max temp is 95°C lol, when i fixed this problem my cpu went to 96°C celcius in cinebenchR20 and reached 1.6v on stock cooler, i was burning myself instead of the computer etc...) and it never went below 46°C when idle. After all these things, i disabled game boost, pbo in bios and all the stuff who were fcking my cpu lol, i set everything on manual. Normally cpu voltage was around 1.4v but it's already too high for a cpu like that, i just put multiplier at 41.00 (4,1 ghz, but max is 4.2), set the voltage at 1.350v and it was a good beginning, in cinebenchR20 max temp was 90°C, but still to high (ok yes i have stock cooler with stock paste, but it's supposed to be decent). Almost after a month i've decided to do better, so i tried again, i went on bios and selected [amd overclocking], set the voltage at 1.3v and my cpu didn't go above 90°C with all cinebenchR20 runs, it was a second almost good thing (just to say, i've discovered that this [amd overclocking] option in bios when i wanted to set the voltage was lowering the voltage when i was doing nothing on my computer (idle) ). And after again, i had an idea, cause i saw my ram voltage at 1.4v which is a little too high compared too stock setting (i have 2x4 gb at 2666 mhz at 1.2v) i've seen that on a paper, then i set the dram voltage at 1.2v and nb/soc voltage at 1.1v (it was at 1.2v before seeing that) and put ram speed at 2800 mhz without modifying timings (i think it was like CL14, i'm not sure). Then after saving the settings in bios, i went again on cinebenchR20, i did a test and max cpu temp was 80°C and max voltage at 1.304v (and i gained some score compared to my previous settings), and at idle cpu went at 34°C (with lower voltage), which is not bad for stock cooler (long story but it took me a long time to get everything stable and good, and sorry for bad english). Now my cpu goes between 34°C(idle) to 80°C (full load) for 0.4v-1.304v.


Nice to hear that you have found solution.  I would not recommend going under 1.3 V  4100 Ghz. Still my CPU temperature is 70-75 ° (CPU Package 84°) when playing PUBG on ultra settings 1080 even after 10 min (CLOSED CASE). There are many factors that affect CPU temperature - ROOM  temperature, Thermal paste, hardware components Voltage, cooling method etc.. 

My specs:


RTX 2070 Super

Asus Prime 570-p

Viper CL19 16GB 4000 MHz

Water cooler Water 3.0 360 argb

I am using PUSH-PULL methode 3 fans front and 2 fans at the back of the radiator!

Cinebench  - 7120 PTS (Multy core)

Do you think temperatures are ok? 

PUBG for some godforsaken reason tends to do the same with my CPU(3950x). It makes it extremely hot even just sitting in the lobby after 10 minutes. Your temps seem to be inline with mine so I think they're fine. 

Hey, wow that was long time ago xD, I'm running my PC (specs in first comment) with the standard values, I haven't done overclocking or underclocking. I just bought more fans.

I've thrown away that Wraith Prism cooler (too loud and bad cooling) and I bought a Scythe Ninja 5 (very silent, decent cooling, also mounted 2 extra fans (1 top and 1 in the back) that exhaust.

The temps are fine, I've been playing everything on high or ultra with no issues, only issues are caused by PUBG, put's too much pressure on your hardware and they go hot very quickly.

I've played RDO, BFV, CoD Warzone, M&B Bannerlord, Path of Exile... all on high or ultra and none of them heats up my PC. 

So stay away from PUBG, your PC is fine xD.

Edit: Don't change your power plan anymore, leave it on Ryzen power plans, they are better now.